Halloween Pumpkin PatchWith the crisp and colder mornings  approaching and the colour change of the leaves into red, russet and orange, yes Autumn is upon us.

This is the time we think of creating the cosy nest at home, reaching for warm throws and implementing a warmer home to return to at the end of the day?

By changing from our previous Summer palette to warmer hues and textures will help create the snuggle and cosy-effect to nestle into.  We change our Summer curtains to the check plaid (tartan) ones we have for Winter time, warmer bedding is introduced and we also reach for the faux fur in the shape of cushions, throws and rugs.  Having adequate lighting by means of lamps, candles and accent lighting helps brighten the time ahead, bring suitable lighting into your space for the darker mornings and evenings ahead, making more intimate space and uplifting your mood.

Now pumpkins 🎃 at the ready, if you like to celebrate or just prefer to decorate with autumnal branches, fruits and vegetables – it can all be fun and achievable.

With the current Corona situation, I am not sure if Trick or Treat may happen? but I like to decorate as it’s another season to be creative!

This year we will be stringing outdoor lights in the front garden in our Cherry tree, in the shape of pumpkin faces, children will like to spot things even if they can’t pick up their treats this year.  Projectors are popular, as they throw images onto the house exterior or walls from outside, we have one and it was not expensive but just another idea (ours incorporates Christmas, Birthday and New Year with different themes, so do look out for what you will use and find cost effective).

Then it’s the pumpkin display for me! Something cheery about that orange colour, I like to stack up and add a few  props for a little scene for impact but there are ideas, creative makes and finds online – have fun if you decide to join in?

Decoration does not have to be scary but can be cheery and colourful with more fun elements not all ghouls and horror themed, remember Casper the friendly ghost? 👻

This year we decided to support and visit our local farm called Sunnyfields, they have put an amazing pumpkin festival and display on.  Adhering to the Covid restrictions, we needed to book a slot to visit and admire the vast pumpkin and squash delights on offer.  The photos below show the efforts that they achieved complete with a pumpkin scene depicting a 🎃 ‘Keep Safe‘ with mask!

Also they had the largest pumpkin in the UK weighing a massive 2593.7 lbs – locally grown from Lymington and it was huge and they needed a crane to position it!!

After we selected our 3 pumpkins, 1 ghost one which is white obviously, 2 coloured squash, 1 odd looking butternut squash and a few beets and a onion pumpkin, we wheeled to the car in the sanitised wheelbarrow provided.

They also had automated figures – dragons, banjo duelling skeletons and the typical ‘Pumpkin Patch‘ where all the kids like to pick there own in their wellies … great to see.

Happy Halloween!! 🎃🕷👻💀