Ice skates Christmas and Clock - Featured ImageIt’s Christmas! 🎄

After what seems a weird and unprecedented year, with the pandemic 😷 outbreak it’s time to talk all things Christmas.

If you are like me, I like a change of theme from year to year, may it be the colours, interior feel or just pared back! This year for 2020, I’m returning to a more natural feel to Christmas, traditional and rustic. Have chosen eucalyptus to use as swags and sways down the hall bannisters and stairs spindles, fresh and green and simple looking, sometimes less is more?

I like to dress many of the rooms of the home with trees, even twig trees that are simplistic can add a magical feel to the room, and can add that element of light. By introducing a garland down the stairs, depending on your style and age of property can have impact as soon as you step inside. We like to entwine the stair spindles and it’s a nice welcome for family and friends on arrival to your home.

We like a classic tree 🌲 in our kitchen/dining/snug area, this is where we spend a majority of family time. This tree is what we call our ‘memory tree’ with all the baubles that we have collected on our travels, gifts from friends and even those special ones that the family little ones have made. This more relaxed area has also given way to our Nordic theme this year, faux fur with natural branches and sprigs which create a warm, snuggly and fun but nature inspired interior with its greenery.

With the past year, being somewhat of an unprecedented time with the COVID virus, I was looking for an item with a nod back to nostalgia and the importance of family time. We purchased an advent candle holder from Neptune Home, which holds 24 candles and let’s you appreciate the run up to the big day and also gives special meaning to every day of the December month.

Depending on your style, budget and size of the area you wish to decorate, there really is no limit to your imagination. After all, whatever you choose, the fun in sharing lights outside for everyone to enjoy and if you have children or not, who doesn’t enjoy seeing a lit reindeer or Father Christmas in the front garden on a dark and cold evening?

Dressing the table or the ‘tablescape’ is another area most of us look forward to choosing. The Christmas Day dinner is a real highlight and the table comes into its own, candle centrepieces and decorative accessories can highlight the area. If you are limited on ideas, Google and Pinterest can offer some imaginative ideas and if a natural look is your preference, branches, sprigs, fur cones and foliage can be picked up on country walks but can be purchased online in faux and natural forms.

The last few years we have bought into the Christmas Eve box idea, just another time to look forward to and starts our Christmas. We have a personalised wooden trunk, but there are plenty on the market – colourful cardboard, traditional wooden or you could come up with a family idea of your own. The normal family I believe gift new pyjamas, sweets/selection boxes, maybe a family film to snuggle up in front of or a game to play and hot chocolate beverage (to make and enjoy), but really it’s about whatever you and your family enjoy, it’s about the memories being made!!

Enjoy your Christmas festivities and the special time with family and friends if you can this year.