Depending on what outdoor space you have and your particular need to use it will depict the overall vision of your special place.

Maybe you are looking for an entertaining space, an inviting nook to read a book or a larger area to encompass outdoor living there really is plenty of options available in style and design. Many of our key indoor spaces open onto our gardens, so ideally in my opinion it’s nice to enhance the area to bring the outside in and for the space to feel seamless.

Should you prefer and enjoy a traditional cottage garden or an inspirational Zen space to practice and meditate within depends on you and your idea of your desired design?

Having studied urban garden design and Zen inspirational design there are plenty of ideas from low maintenance schemes to designing the ultimate entertaining area and contemporary space with water, fire and art.

Maybe you have an area that you are wishing to screen off and looking for new ideas or looking to source an interesting piece for the garden, we can assist you.

Having recently taken up Yoga myself, I have become aware of the importance of a space that’s both valuable and useful, taking time out of a busy work schedule to enjoy nature and calm, even that cuppa or glass of something at the end of the day – it’s your time and your space.

Garden Design by Desired Design