Desired Design CushionsWith many of us now considering short stays and more of us looking for closer to home breaks, home owners are trying to earn from their homes and properties.

This could be a property bought with the idea of renting out, or a room in the existing home which no longer has use or even a garden building that can be turned into a quirky overnight stay?

There are endless potential possibilities but you need to appreciate the market criteria you are looking to attract and create the appeal needed.

We recently had a client request us to design and style from scratch, decorate, supply furniture and source everything from a pizza cutter, bedding to bookcase decor to create a home from home feel with a quirky and fun feel for a beach apartment. We all want to get away from it, and tend to look for something a bit different from our normal home surroundings. We can all have a bit of fun with this as it’s not things we are going to live with everyday.

So if you have a summer house that could be overhauled to create a retreat, or an apartment that could earn you more financial profit in the holiday season please reach out for our help.

Even those spare rooms, if the family home has suddenly become quiet and you could benefit from some extra money from your space, with many of the rental platforms and portals offering secure and helpful advice like a few mentioned below:

+ Airbnb
+ Vrbo
+ Pass The Keys

Let the sun shine on your property and make some financial gain from your space?