What is Professional Home Staging?

Home Staging has become hugely popular as a service tool to assist in the sale of residential property by making the home appeal to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more quickly and for more money.

What is the difference between Interior Design and Home Staging?

Interior Design is about enhancing the space to achieve a welcoming and pleasing area to either live, work or relax in. Both the Client and the Designer will work together to discuss the important functions of the space and how they live or wish to use it with the benefits of adding improvements by means of light, colour, added space, furniture and lighting etc. and creating that perfect personal space for the owner/user.

A Home Staging professional focuses on improvements and changes which will increase the perceived marketing value of the property, which aid towards the property value and marketing potential.

Often introducing ideas which will involve cosmetic, interior decoration, style and room layout and may also include changes to fixtures or home improvements to help maximise the appeal to a bigger percentage of buyers and sell the property to maximise the value potential in the property market place.

Ideas to declutter and create the minimal show home feel that appeals to a buying market when looking for their ideal home.

Home Staging is also a crucial element in the rental property sector by helping the property stand out from the crowd and maximising its appeal to potential clients looking for a home to let in a busy marketplace. By adding a few styling touches and assisting the room layout it helps create the feel and vision of a home and maximising rental potential for landlords.

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