We at Desired Design appreciate that our lives are normally run at a busy pace and we can find it difficult to juggle time for appointments, with work commitments and busy family schedules. We can often find ourselves time poor but we are able to offer a solution to this problem, as we can contact via virtual communication.

A virtual consultation can take place via different types of video call. Desired Design can offer the service via a video link, property owners and sellers can walk with us around their property discussing the individual rooms and problem areas and we can advise just as if we were there in person.

Options that may be available to link via live video call:

  • Messenger Video Call
  • Skype
  • Other options available

We can talk through all the same information that we would normally provide on a personal visit to the home. We can provide design and styling advice with the ability to arrange for purchases to be delivered direct to the door.

Please call 07832 375644 for further advice concerning virtual communication.

Virtual Home Staging Consultancy by Desired Design