During the ongoing pandemic and the restricted normality of spending time outdoors and as more of us are now are working from a home office or home space. We have all encountered the challenges and pressure that both COVID and the pandemic have brought to us individually but there is a positivity around now. Desired Design has been unable to meet clients apart from attending Zoom calls and virtual contact and we needed to physically design a space other than virtual images and designs.

So, we have been busy staging and styling a handmade barn conversion scale model, to aid our creative flow and also create some fun, which when styling our homes, spaces and marketing property should be what’s it’s all about!

The size of the barn is length 90cms depth 47cms x 45cms to top of apex, so small in scale. With trussed beams and glass and the space consists of an open plan lower level and mezzanine upper floor. Our images show us improvising with some rustic and contemporary lay outs, until we can physically tend larger scale plans and designs personally.

‘Small in scale but big in ideas’

Model Barn Conversion - Exterior