In view of the Coronavirus – It’s time to enjoy your own outdoor space!

Garden design at night featured imageIn the sad light of the Coronavirus your time may be restricted to share with others, but we all need fresh air or that open space to enjoy – if you are fortunate to have a garden, balcony or even a spot for a couple of containers, please do not overlook this valuable area.

Many studies and reports prove the beneficial aspects to being outdoors and connecting with nature.  In valued studies including areas of mental health we are urged to spend time outdoors and we can benefit from reduced anxiety and stress, and can also combat isolation boredom.

So let’s get in the garden…. now is the time to plan that project that is always being overlooked or just not receiving the time or attention it needs or deserves?

Do you have an area that you are happy to sit and chill in?

Are you happy with the design of flower beds and borders that’s been in situ for as long as you can remember?

Have you wished for a pergola, arbour or even a vegetable patch for that designated area in the garden?

With social media sites like Pinterest there are plenty of mediums to gain ideas, like YouTube for those of you who like to watch a project or idea come to life via a video post or maybe you have taken an inspirational photo that you would like to work into your own space?

As many of us are now working from home or watching over the children and with restricted social interaction advised, this is time we can use and feel the benefit from.

Creative ideas

Mirrors bring a reflective sense to a space especially in a garden creating the illusion of more depth and space. If placed correctly they can add another dimension and can also create a focal point with the ability to  bounce extra light around.  Garden mirrors are often supplied with weatherproof acrylic film effect mirror but plenty to browse online from various suppliers and many retailers also stock a huge range.

Water plays a large part to a garden creating both sound and movement, depending on budget from simple effects to dynamic flow or contemporary visions.  Depending on children’s ages, garden wildlife ponds have proved popular and enticing to create a haven to welcome all wildlife. With careful planning and safety, a pond or water feature can be calming and the enjoyment it can bring is limitless.  The vision is endless depending on the budget, but deciding on the overall feel you wish to achieve in your space will help narrow down the enormity of choice.

Faux lawn has proved popular in recent years and whatever your own personal thoughts, in areas within a garden where it’s difficult to maintain a healthy lawn this product has proved successful and to have a green space is welcoming to the garden.

Being a lover of trees, I have planted into very large containers purchased online and they create that courtyard feel and give the privacy and height often necessary in small gardens, without the worry of planting directly into the ground and being able to manoeuvre around the space.

Hawthorn, Silver Birch and Hornbeam species offer interest and shape, you will just need to investigate the tree of choice to possible growth size and suitably to your garden.

The element of fire in the garden by the addition of a fire pit, chiminea or a fire place can bring interest and also provide warmth which will maximise the period of time we can spend in our gardens. With safety being key, there will be a design choice ideal for your space.

Enjoy your own space, stay safe and keep positive.

If you would like help or advice with your space please give us a call or send us a photograph.