Hampston Court - Flowers with mirror and disco ball Unfortunately due to the sad circumstance of the Corona Virus this year many garden festivals and exhibitions have been rescheduled or cancelled and we all hope to be able to attend next year, although Hampton Court hope to postpone this year’s event held normally in July to September 2020?

Hampton Court Flower Festival is the largest flower show in the world and is normally held in early July.

We thought we would show some of our memories of our attendance last year and relive our experience.

Desired Design had great delight in visiting last July and would recommend to anyone with an interest in anything outdoor to attend, as the show is varied in it’s exhibits.  With a vast selection from plants and flowers to outdoor furniture with live music and endless food options, and all set in the wonderful setting of Hampton Court.  We pre-booked our ticket which included the car parking option and took the serene boat ride up to the palace, after short walk via Richmond and bus ride (boarded from park and ride area).

Plenty of horticultural displays and green-fingered fun to tempt you into purchasing yet another plant or try something new for your veg patch.

Many of the plant stalls and nurseries are very knowledgeable and helpful to  give their advice on the right soil and spot to plant in the garden.

On our return we managed to board the boat with our selection of flowering finds complete with the portable cart (which many of the stalls sell to enable you to cart your goodies around).

An enjoyable day and I hope you will put a date on the calendar to attend?