Workplace at home - desktop screenAs the times have changed due to the pandemic our lives have had to move on and our needs in our own home have altered and priorities have shifted. As we embrace the future many will reflect on life and the work life balance we all need. Some of us will seek to return to the office environment but many will try and either work full time remotely from home or at least try and work more of a percentage of time from a home space.

Our home and space needs to be able to multi function to our everyday needs as well as our family’s. Having the space to be able to study, work from home, homeschool the children, keep fit and the chance to have some private isolated ‘me’ time away from the family when required.

The home office is now a thing not of luxury but necessity. It’s important to be able to work with the peace of mind that you will not be distracted and your comfort is of key importance. Not being squashed working over the family dining table and having to move things to enable your family to dine at mealtimes. The problem is where do you find this extra space, for that all purpose working area?

  • Spare bedroom?
  • Convert the loft or attic?
  • Convert the garage?
  • Build a garden structure?

If you are able to use the space in multiple ways, then you will certainly have a space that will pay for itself.

By having a TV, means the space could also be a teenage chill out. With the addition of a sofa bed the space can accommodate an overnight stay, if needed?

Even to double up as a fitness area for an exercise bike to join in a spin class or add a mat for Yoga, the imagination is endless.

Hobbies and crafts are an important area of life and all that creativity needs space and storage, and by having a dedicated area enables the crafting mess or creativity to be limited to one area and not all over the house. Storage is key, shelves and storage boxes, depending on your need and style, you only have to think of IKEA with their limitless ideas and options, depending on budget.

Lighting and heating is another factor to weigh in when we converted part of our double length garage into an office space/chill area. We chose underfloor heating and depending on the size of your space it can prove expensive to heat, so do think of options. Lighting was also a key element for us as we had a window at one end, which we transformed into French doors to maximise on daylight. We also opted for velux windows as we vaulted the ceiling to give the feeling of space and light. It’s amazing how these roof windows let the light in and you appreciate the sky and weather in all the different seasons, while viewing at a different angle to admire the space and light.

Our space has proved invaluable to us as my partner has worked a considerable amount of time from home during the pandemic. It also is a space to read, practice Yoga and where my design studio is based from, and where he can catch up with Peaky Blinders and the football!

Enjoy your home and space and make the most of it.