Nicola MitchellWelcome to my website and with having a passion for property and interiors have launched Desired Design. Our concept being that interior design, advice and consultancy is not limited to a budget of mass proportions. We aim to offer schemes and ideas for all costings and budgets, for all property types and even welcome that little tweak that makes a big difference to our homes!

We will update with shows and exhibitions that we attend and post inspirational images to hopefully fulfil those of us with creative urges to change, update or just like to browse?

In February we attended the Spring Trade Show held in Birmingham, my first visit and must say how impressed on the layout and the vast amount of items on display.

Statement lighting is still a feature, but noticed geometric shapes and multi installations to create a dramatic and stylish impact to a room.

Metallics, copper and gold in accessories and mirrored bling elements for those who like reflective and bright silver/pewter tones.

Unfortunately we missed the opportunity to meet Angel Strawbridge from Escape to the Chateau fame, who was there promoting her latest range of soft furnishings. Warm colour tones with her usual quirky and ornate style depicting her love of her enchanting home. However, we did manage a photograph of her promotional marketing and chateau (although cardboard imagery!!).

Christmas had come early to the show and show stopper for me was the multiple lighting display of simple drum shades with delicate rice lights easily fitted within the shade, stunning effect with little cost and reminded me of huge jelly fish.

Feng Shui Blog PostAt this time of year we are anticipating welcoming the start of Spring, so are looking to bring brightness and light into our homes and it is interesting to understand a little of the principles of Feng Shui as it welcomes us to follow the practice to harmonise individuals with their surroundings.


With little cost and little time, start with freshening up your entrance/hallway if needed. This is the area we all welcome our loved ones, family and friends and the principles state that this area is where energy enters the home. Surprising how a refreshed paint scheme can add freshness and a new life to tired hallways.


The principles view the windows as eyes and we need to have them clean and bright to enable all that light to flow in, so maybe need to get cleaning?


Ensure the route around your home is free of obstacles, move anything that obstructs your flow or you struggle to get past.


Encourage greenery and plants into your home as they are seen to bring a life energy into the home.

Detox your home

Remove any broken, neglected or unwanted object.

Our homes are special places and offer us the security and sanctuary where we can all escape to at the end of a busy and hectic day. A place to relax, have fun to welcome our family and friends but more importantly it’s your space and should be as unique as you are!

Should you like a chat about a space you feel is neglected or just looking for a special item to create that ‘wow’ effect please contact us at Desired Design and we look forward to hearing from you.

Design mantra

Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love brought together under one roof.

Nate Berkus
American Interior Designer

When I was at home, I was in a better place.

William Shakespeare