Lets find those shoes a homeWith the recent building work now completed at ours and the delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are finally starting the walk-in wardrobe.

Ideally planned this space to free the master bedroom of wardrobes and shoes!! Obviously my shoes 👠.

The plan is to be organised and be able to display the special items that we all have and seem to collect on our travels and that must have buy.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes, going to rack, rail and shelf out the entire room, as us girls know it’s nice just to see our old shoe friends even when we have had the desire to buy them but oh! not the most practical pair to wear!

The practicality of this space will hopefully save me time, help me to be organised and remind me that no! you don’t need that extra pair of trousers or dare I say pair of shoes, the ability to see what you own and curate your wardrobe.

There are lots of storage ideas and possibilities out there – Ikea are a good place to start if looking for efficient and time saving convenience or even just for ideas for space saving. Depending on your budget, there are companies who can plan and design just like kitchens but for bedrooms and wardrobes, Sharps Bedrooms and Hammonds cover bespoke builds. If you are handy with DIY or know someone then maybe nice to add your own personal touch, plenty of ideas on Pinterest.

When we have completed our walk-in wardrobe project I will post a couple of images.

As home offices are now more popular and with their recent need in our homes, along with en-suites and the need of playroom spaces, the dressing room or walk in wardrobe is a space that if you have the project idea or space for then it is really worthwhile.

Celebrate what you have worked so hard for to own, maybe that designer handbag or those special event shoes and your every day items, your things and your space. 👠👠